FSync - Spec

FTP Support

FTP Features Supported
SSL/TLS  Explicit Mode Yes
SSL/TLS Implicit Mode No, deprecated
SSL/TLS (Command Channel -Username and Password)
- Active and Passive Mode
SSL/TLS (Data Channel) - Passive Mode Yes, Automatic Data Encryption only if enabled on the FTP server in Passive Mode only.
SSL/TLS (Data Channel) - Active Mode No
SSL/TLS (Data Channel) - Client Authentication/Certificate No
Resume Support for Downloads Yes
Handling Connection Timeout if client is Idle Yes

File Browser

Feature Description
File Operations-Local context menu to open With, Rename, Delete, Copy/Paste-Move, create folders locally, compress folders(zip), unzip. Drag and Drop to Move files and folders. Auto Scroll on Dragging and across screens is supported
File Operations-Remote context menu for copy/paste on remote ftp server,create folders, Rename files and folder. Drag and Drop to Move files and folders. Scrolling and Dragging across screens not supported
Print context menu for printing images on device locally or on remote ftp server
Clipboard control toolbar zip items in clipboard, clear clipboard items and delete items
Gestures Gestures to browse to next and previous screens, copy multiple items to clipboard
Intents Intent support based on ftp scheme for external applications to call FSync or any other ftp client. See Intent Usage help. Supports calling the FTP Client directly from the web browser, just click the URL or type URL into the web browser.
UI themes 6 themes (Light, Dark, Blue, Pink, Gray, Green)


Feature Description
Sync Sync files in background- New files are always synced and updates of existing files are synced only with FTP servers supporting MFMT. Option to exclude sub-folders and exact mirroring between target and source.
Auto-Sync Auto Sync based on a schedule and if wifi is available and if device is connected to power.
Filters Include or exclude files during sync, specify the pattern as "*.jpg,*.png". Leave it empty to include all files. Available only on FSyncPro