Transfer Files with FSync

FSync - Android FTP Client, File Synchronizer and Manager

File Synchronizing between PC and your phone, file browsing and working with FTP has never been easier. FSync (Beta) is a file synchronizer, browser and an FTP client for Android powered phones. It manages several FTP servers, supports FTPS - FTP over TLS/SSL in active and passive mode and securely stores user Credentials. Use context menu to open, rename, delete, copy/paste-move, create folders locally, and transfer files over the network. Use Gestures to browse, copy multiple items to Clipboard, move files using Drag and Drop. Synchronize files with an easy access widget or use the more advanced Sync Events page. It can also scan for IP addresses over Avahi and Bonjour networks, especially useful on Home networks with dynamic IP addresses, or if you are just dead sick about keying in the IP using a virtual keyboard. Select your own UI themes !!! For all the features supported by FSync, check out the specification

  • Android Market - Available in English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Russian
  • FSync-Zh - Chinese version exclusively on Panda Space market 91百宝箱.Thanks to Net Dragon Web Soft Inc. for localising and distributing the app.

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