1. Why are the dates on the FTP file browser not showing the correct file modification times ?

    The listing dates displayed are what provided by the FTP server and depends on how it was configured. It may default to GMT, or show the local time at the server location based on server configuration. There is no easy way to know it accurately across all FTP servers and different locales.
  2. Why does FSync only support sync'ing newly created files from/to the server, what about newly updated files ?

    We do support syncing both new and updated files for servers having support for MFMT; if this feature is not working , it probably means that your server doesn't support the MFMT feature. Without MFMT support , there is no way to modify the last modification time of a file. Please upgrade your server if you need this feature
  3. Why are so many permission required ?

    With the latest release we use a total of 7 permissions.
    2. WAKE_LOCK
    Read Phone state and identity is used for secure encryption(READ_PHONE_STATE). They also provide hooks to pause/slow the processing during phone calls. WAKE_LOCK permission with PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK is acquired from preventing the phone CPU from sleeping during copy-paste(upload and download) of files. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is used for reading and creating files/folders on SD card, the remaining 3 permission are used for accessing the servers on the internet.

    As a policy we do not collect any data and no data is transferred between our servers and the device. We do not use any implicit permissions , as we believe customers need to know what permissions the application uses explicitly.

  4. Do I lose the data if I upgrade to pro-version ?

    All your data such as ftp server, sync job configuration etc., is intact in your pro-version. Download pro-version FSync Pro for an ad-free experience and many special features.
  5. The status on the UI progress bar doesn't display properly when transferring from remote server to device ?

    The progress bar displays the top-level item count in the clipboard, and the download process does not do a recursive traversal to read the number of files on the remote location. We do a recursive traversal only while downloading, so the number of files are always greater than what gets displayed on the progress bar.
  6. What languages do you support ?

    FSync is available on Google Play, Opera and Amazon app stores and supports English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Russian and Ukranian.